Nike Spring Run HM 2023 (1:38:31)

  • 21.17 km Distance
  • 1:39:19 Moving Time
  • 4:41 /km Pace

I do not have the official time yet…

It was a bitterly cold morning.
One of those special Danish wintermorning, where the actual temperature is very different from the temperature felt on the body.
Temp was around -1 to 0 degr. C, but the light wind combined with a high humidity, was mean!
There was a tiny layer of snow around much of the course, a 5K roundtrip.
There where “time-balloons” to run after.
I chose to start behind the 4.45 balloons.
People had signed up for a 5K run or a 10K run or a 21.1K run.
I did some needed warmup, just to not get cold, on the athletic track.
The half that was in the sun was without snow and comphortably warm, the other half in the shade was snow covered and really cold.

The race started and I figured that many runners would start out hard, as they would run either 5K or 10K.

The “time-ballons” for 4:45 startet doing the first couple of K’s to fast, but I felt comphortable and when they fell back to correct timing, I stayed on the faster time (around 4:36 pr. K).
At 8K I startet haveing a little issue, and my splits began being all over the place.
Also I was like Bambi on ice at every part of the course that had snow cover.
It felt like sliding two steps backwards for every step forwards.
The carbon raceshoes does not have a sole for this!!!
With better grip, I could peel of 30 seconds at least from the finish time.
The snowy parts sucked a lot of energy.
At 8K, 13K and 18K, and 20K-21K I suffered and lost time.

Picked myself up and finished faster than I actually could on the last 1.1K.
I had a gel 30 minutes before the race, 20 minutes before the race and at 9K and 15K.
I had no issues like going sugar-cold or having troubles with the gels.
I had one sip of water at 15K and that seemed to be ok.
My muscles did what they could and I had no speed left, after the race.
Appart from really strugling from 18K and to the finnish, I’m very happy with the run.
I’m at a better level than I anticipated, and I’m exited to see what it can mean for Copenhagen Marathon on May 14’th.
I would have loved a medal for this run 😀