Soul Trail CUP 2023 – Cup5 (final)

  • 12.54 km Distance
  • 1:06:56 Elapsed Time
  • 5:20 /km Pace

The last race in the series of these wonderfull races.
When a runner says he ran a “controlled race”, it means he could have run faster 😆
Thats how I did in this run.., controlled !
For some reason, sleep this entire week has been a disaster.
At best I could get 4 hours, before waking up again…, and again.
So most days I felt like a tired 110 year old.
Recovery and training totally ruined.
So desided to be very conservative, controlled in this race.
Thats very evident in the heart rate figures:

Very stable HR, around 86% average for the race.
Effective aerobic training effect.

I love these Soul Trail runs.
The people making the race and the helpers are all so nice, so friendly, so helpful.
The weather today was very beautiful and felt warmer than the 2 degr. C.
Two first laps was relaxed and then I gave it a little more speed for laps 3 and 4.
The course is quite an easy run.
Hills are not difficult and the mud was mostly frozen.
It was icy in some places, but I managed to find some snowy surface to run on.
It was a good run and nice to say hello to a lot of people.
It has become a very popular race for good reasons.