Cph Marathon 2023

  • 42.20 km Distance
  • 3:59:20 Elapsed Time
  • 5:37 /km Pace

This went more or less according to plan!
The AI Predictor said 4.03.00.
My official time was 4.0.04…, believe it or not 🤣
The 42,2K time was 3.59.20.
Before the covid my time was estimated between 3.36.00 to 3.46.00.

I arrived 45 minutes before start.
Had a pain finding where to hand in my bag, but managed to line up 15 minutes before start.

Found a spot that related to a finishtime of 4.10.

My plan was to run the first half conservatively, managing my HR below 82%.
The sudden heatwave in Denmark was a dangerous joker.
Temps of 22 degr. C, when I (and most others) has acclimatised to a max of 16 degr. C and most likely to 12-14 degr. C.
It wasnt until around 36K that I slowly began falling a little behind in pace and for the last three kilometers it really began to hurt.
At 16K I had some trouble, as I got really hungry.
From home I had taken a portion of oatmeal, and later, waking to the Metro I had one of My’s fantastic energy bars. They are the best!!!

I had planned to be eat a banana 20 minutes before start.
I forgot!
I cant remember at what depot the race had energy gels to grab, but I grabbed three of them and downed them, and was lucky not to vomit fiersly 🥴😁
That helped the energy level.
It was the heat that cooked me and slowed me down.
I forgot to take my mandatory 35 and 40 K gels and that clearly influenced the situation negatively.
The water/energy drink depots was plenty, but a lot of people collapsed in the last five K’s.
One even had a cardiac arrest right on the finishline, but luckily managed to survive.

Right after I passed the finish, I got hit by the heat and got dissy and had to sit in the shade for ten minutes, befor moving on.
I then collected my medal, some water and my bag, and found a shady place to relax and drink.
After a little more than 30 minutes I felt better and could return home after i fine hard day of running.

As I said, I planned to run with negative split for the half-marathon.

1st/2nd Half
21,36 km1:58:535:34/km+0:03/km
21,36 km2:01:075:40/km-0:03/km

It worked, almost.
The difference is the time I lost on the last 3.2K

For an amateur as I, thats quite ok.

PS. One black toe, when I got back home!