First Run in a High-K Week

  • 11.01 km Distance
  • 55:10 Moving Time
  • 5:01 /km Pace

I need these 70+K weeks, before the marathon distance…
Last time it failed for me to get the proper weekly distance, as the stress from all the problems at work, totally took all my energy.
Its still like that and even worse.
I feel nervous and anxious every day comming to work about what is going to happen, who is quitting, who is next to be kicked out…
Will I end up living in the streets?
Well, thats just every day life…
It ruins a lot of my training.
To day was a “I have to do it, even if…”.
Sun was shining, a little windy, a beautiful day.
And a beautiful big dear came from the trees, walking with the catle.
Looked majestic.
Lifted my runnig mood a little.
I got it done!