First run of the day – too fast…

  • 12.71 km Distance
  • 1:12:37 Moving Time
  • 5:43 /km Pace

Again today, the weather is very beautiful.
Sun is shining, wind is low (but cold) and temperature is ok’ish.
I planned for a double run day, an intended to do 12K x 2.
Even if I tried to keep the pace down, I still came out with the need for 32 hours recovery after this first run.
Thats not good!!!
I have a race/long run on tuesday, a 21K + 7K.
And I want to run every day saturday – thursday, to get my weekly milage on or above 70K in total.
The effect is, that the next run today has to be shorter and still at low level, so I do not go beyond 48H recovery in the end.

Looking at the stats above, the average HR at 77% should ideally have been at 72% and MaxHR at 88% should have been below 80%.
Terrain does a lot.
The course is quite hilly, whit some of them being short and steep and actually requering me to walk, to keep HR down.
It can bee seen on the HR graph.