Letting Run 21.1 + 7

  • 28.12 km Distance
  • 2:45:32 Elapsed Time
  • 5:53 /km Pace

According to my trainingplans, constructed using RUNalyze, I have to run 69K pr. week and have a 28K long run every week.
Thats going to happen this week 😀
65K in week total and this run above 28K !
First two rounds was easy running with talkative company.
But then I had to visit the toilet, and was all of a sudden far behind.
So pushed the speed to get back in front.
That was 4K at HR 92+
But I came back to the front.
Could really feel it in my legs now.
Came first (split win) and continued on the last 7K.
And that was heavy, slow and my toes was in pain from the narrow toebox in the Hoka’s.
But I did it, and I’m happy !

Looking at the speed, its mostly slow and green, because the last overlay is from the fourth round, that was really slow.
The truth is, that the only fast part was the 4K on round 3.
Heartrate looks funky on the first part, the first 10 minutes. I have no idea why.
Its obvious I strugled on tha last lap. My HR is elevated and unstable, as I was tired and my toes was very painful.
The Hoka’s are only for use up to 21K!!!
(Hoka Clifton 8. The 7’th had more toe-room and was better, and could be used for marathons).