Nike Spring Run HM 2024

As always a perfectly executed event by Sparta.

Well, almost…
February had gone from “Perfect training and form progression” for the first five days of the month to “Disastreous training and form progression” for the rest of the month.
So I was conservative in estimating what time I could finish in.
My training analyzer sugested a 4:50 min/km pace witch sounded realistic, looking at the last two weeks of training.
So I placed myself some distance behind the 4:45 paceholders.
For some reason they ran the race at a pace closer to 4:36-4:38 for most of the race.

Despite over all running a little more slowly than the previous year, the difference in my time wasn’t as significant as I’d anticipated. The conditions for this year’s race were notably more favorable than last year’s ice-covered course. However, my performance was somewhat hampered by persistent stomach issues in the final 5K stretch. I was incredibly close to shitting myself if I dared to increase my pace. The kind of discomfort that’s laughably fear-inducing; where all of my focus was on my sphincter while also trying desperatly to maintain a decent speed.
And I could not keep the speed.
Not just because of my stomach, but that I followed the faster pacers began to be a problem.
For the first 19K my pace had been 4:36-4:41, but from 20K it drops to 4:44 and at 21K its down to 4:49.

Take a look at my heart rate.
Gradually increasing through the race, and right before 20K it begins to “panic” and jump up and down.
So much, that my watch went in to “Panic-mode” and sent an email, that I had collapsed and needed help.
I only found out right after the finishline and had to send an “Ignore the alarm-mail”.
Something tels my, that my MaxHR has dropped to 170!

Despite these challenges, I’m actually quite pleased with how the run turned out. It’s a testament to my training and resilience that I could finish with a good time, all things considered. Looking ahead, I’m optimistic about the improvements I can make. As I reflect on this experience, my goal for this year is to enhance my endurance…, and perhaps tweak my pre-race diet. I’m confident in projecting an ambitious improvement of around 12 minutes off this year’s half marathon time.