North Coast Ultra 30K – Relaxed Running and one single fall.

I intend to have a week of higher combined milage.
Therefore I didn’t run the 50K and only put in average effort on the 30K.
I had a fall anyhow…
Most likely because I had an sciatica problem from the beginning of the race.
Makes my left leg a bit weaker and I then tend to drop my left foot a little.
Didn’t hurt me, but I felt confused for 30 sek. after and had some trouble getting up.
A sweet woman from New York helped my.
I had to dial it down a bit more from there.
The race startet at 08.30, meaning I had to get up 05.15(!).
As a B-person, thats harder than when I was younger.
Weather was a bit nasty with high winds and wet mist.
But it cleared up during the first part of the run and then it was just totally perfect and a beautiful sunny run.
Everybody superfriendly as allways and the route was challenging enough.
At around 23K we had five minuts running around like headless chickens, trying to find the right pink flags to run via.
There are a lot of elevation in this run, where I have to walk up hill.
Most people do.
But the primitive stairs at …, I think its around 26.5K and then the final 500m in rubble just kills me.
Running fast or not running fast, it just crashes my legs and my ancles.
Came in something like 15 minutes slower than if I had run optimally.
Recovery is 77 hours.
Ending up in the “heavy end” of the peloton, finishing as no. 117 out of 210 runners ( Eight DNF’s) is not an everyday occurence.
Thanks to the organiser, the helpers and the runners for again, making this a nice effective run.