Soul Trail 2024 – CUP5

Yes, I did not run the CUP4 🙁

I came an hour in advance of the start.
This is the last Soul Trail CUP of the year 🙁
Everyone loves these Soul Trails, and it keeps growing.
It’s like one big familly.
When I get so old, that I can only walk the 3K, I’ll still come and do it!

As soon as i entered the start/finish area, I remembered this route well.
And that it’s much harder than it apears!
It’s “Death by 1000 Hills”.
On top of that, I still had 30 hours recovery before the race-start.
In the first K I could feel my legs where tired, really tired and it would only be a question of just doing the race and not about getting a fast race.
So I found a pace that I could do. 6:22/km.
Shows how tired I was!
Had some slight stomach trouble again like in the Nike Spring Run last weekend, but not quite as bad.
I can hardly wait for the Soul Trail 2025 to begin.
Thanks to the organizers and the helpers and all the positive and friendly runners.

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