Royal Run 2023

10K time: 43.16.

Everything went according to plan.

And what a wonderfull day and weather!

Esbern Snarre showed up and had some of the crew run the race.

I found a starting spot between the 40.00 and 45.00 pacer balloons.
I had a fast but controlled run.
The first 10 minutes where a bit erratic, because people.
Really a lot of runners…
Runners everywhere 🙂

Did my best to stay in control of my pace, and at the same time keeping a good push.
After the first 5K I pushed the speed just a little.
At 6K to 7K I was worried if I could keep the speed and slowed down.
And slowed down a little too much.
I really did not have a problem.
At 8 I increased the speed and gave it even more for the last 800m.
Finnished strong and could have run faster.

A good test for my progression this year, after last years running disaster.

If I look at the heart rate, it is also clear that I was at no point about to explode at MaxHR, but stayed balanced up to 92 percent.

Yes, it’s a high HR. Much higher than standard runners can have it over more than a few kilometers.
But I have the ability to run at very high percentages, e.g. a half marathon at 84+ percent, over long distances.

Recovery is also only 68 hours, whereas after the Cph Marathon I had a recovery of 3.5 days!

I had also gotten some of My’s amazing bars.
They taste good, are easy to eat and feels good in the stomach!

Delicious 🙂

I ate one My-bar 30 minutes before start, one 10 minutes before start and saved the last one for after the race.

It seemed like a good prioritization, since the race start time at 19:00 was disruptive to my normal evening meal.
With Mys bars and some energy drink, I had no energy problems and no stomach problems.

My is just ++!

Up to and including Friday I will cycle/run recovery speeds at medium distances 5 – 15 km.
Saturday is tempo training of 10 km and Sunday is a 14 km hilly run.