Running through the Fatique

Well, not quite, as I am still quite fatiqued.
But I need to do something about the kilometers.
The kilometers that I need to do, to have my Marathon shape fit my needs.
So I just ran…
Not fast, not good, not the right hart rate, not really right at all.
It felt difficult and not in the right mood.
What I needed was a perfect recovery run, but when my heart rate was in the right zone for that, my body felt stiff and heavy and I was bored.
So I ran with a heart rate at a higher zone, alternated speed a little from time to time and wasn’t running fast at any point.
Result being, that recovery went from 21 hours to 48 hours.
So far my weekly kilometers are 49.2K in total.
If I’m to stick to my plan of this week being a 90K week, then I need to run 20.4K each day, tomorrow and thursday.
Not going to happen!
I should add, that at work today we had cake. A lot of cake.
And even if I prepared with lactase tablets, I still got a bloated and slightly painfull stomach.
Nothing like if I hadn’t taken the lactase tablets.
Then it would have been a case of me having a slight fever, headache, nausea and stomach pain for 24 hours.
But it wasn’t good to run with and I fartet all the time for the first 10K :-D.