Soul Trail 2024 – CUP1

Same run as last years CUP3, that happened to also be my birthday 🙂
This time it was bitterly cold, around -6 to -8 degr. C.

  • 12.21 km Distance
  • 1:11:50 Moving Time
  • 5:53 /km Pace

Icy, frozen ground, covered in snow, that one could easily slip on or twist an ancle.
Some unfortunate runners did have some nasty twists…

From the very beginning, everybody was running slow, really slow, in one long line.
I only did one crash and hurt my right lower arm.
Slipped a little with my left foot on an icy root, hit the toes on another root with my right foot and BAM, I smashed to the ground.
Got up quickly, but was a little scared and slowed down adn let two other runners pass me.

Ended placed as nr. 18.
As always these Soul Trail are great fun and a lot of wonderfull people and especially the helpers are the best.
I would come to the races just to say hi’ to the helpers 🙂