Soul Trail Cup 2023 – CUP1

I’m a big fan of the Soul TRail runs !

That went ok’ish…
I found the race from last year and did setup my Garmin to run at the same time.
Turned out that the route had changed and was longer than 12K.
So that was not really useful.
Ended at the 25′ place.
I would have liked to run faster, but I can really feel that my running form slowly is comming back and is improving.
So I am happy with it, so far.
From the start of the race, I ran to fast and then tried to slow a little.
But my HR was constantly fluctuating.
88% to 92% was the norm, but it whent even higher, even as high as 99%…
The course was very muddy, making it harder to accellerate towards the end.