South Coast Beach Run 2023

A half-marathon with 10K in sand…

  • 21.22 km Distance
  • 1:52:00 Moving Time
  • 5:17 /km Pace

The weather was just perfect for this.
No direct sun and some wind from the side to provide a little cooling.
Temperature around 16 degr. C.

The route is simple.
Run North, turn around, run back.
Well, almost.

The last half of the race is a little inland, ending with running on the dike.
As hard as the first part in sand is to run, just as easy is the second part.
A few consecutive small hills, but that was it.

Surface was a bit grass, a bit asphalt and some gravel.

I got up at 05.30 and did my morning routines, as I had packed everything for the race, the day before.
Took of at 06.30 for a 1 hour and 45 minutes drive!

Found parking very close to the start-area and got my bib-number.

At 09:00 was the start.

Looking at the runing conditions, I took a decision not to run in the sand, as much as possible.

I chose to run in the swell, meaning I would effectively run in water most of the time.
But with a firm surface!!!

And I startet at moderate effort…, sort of moderate…, a bit higher.
But not more than I was in controle of my effort.
Except the really fast runners, I left the majority behind and after 5K I was on my own, with a good distance to other runners in front and behind.

Running in the swell like this was a fun/hard experience, but everytime I for some reason had to cross in to the loose sand area, I was only confirmed, that what I did was right.

Even if it ment, that after the race I had lost a toenail and had shoe full of blood 😀

At close to 10K two runners overtook me.
But only for about one kilometer, when we where back on dry land.
Then I had passed them both again.

One was a female runner, that would turn out to be third in the womens half-marathon.

I’m very pleased with the run.
It wasn’t a fast time, as the run is very challenging, and I only placed 12 (14 overall).
But since sand is the absolute worst for me to run in, I’m ok with it.

Even better is what I learned from my heart rate data.

I ran with a HR between 140 to 156. Thats 82% to 92% of HRmax, with average at 85%.

Thats BRUTAL and my secret superpower 😀

It’s also clear that I succeded in pushing my speed up gradually, on the last 6K’s.
That will bring an improved training effect!

Recovery is 3.5 days!!!

After getting the medal, cooling off, emptying shoes and socks for sand, getting someting to drink and eat, I went on the 2 hour drive back home.

It’s far to drive for a run like this, even if its a good run.

I wish My could have been along…
By the way, I had a My-bar for breakfast, together with a banana and some oatmeal.
And had one extra My-bar in the sidepocket of my running tights.
I was supposed to have it by the turning point, but it got totally disolved in the seawater.

Luck was that I desided to bring my own softflask energydrink on the race.
Saved my from having to stop to get water end energy at the depots.

Thanks to Junglerun for a well executed and happy race.