Vaserne 5K – “Easy” VO2-max.

  • 5.19km Distance
  • 25:59 Moving Time
  • 5:00/km

The course has a number of steep and quite long hills.
I used them at VO2-max level training, with a good result, and did the rest as Tempo.
Also tested the NB RC Fuelcell Elite V2 in a hope I had cured the dog-chew-toy squeaking from the right foot shoe.
It still squeaks ! ??
I had glued a couple of holes in the outsole…
I begin to fear, that the sound comes from inside the sole, between the carbon inlay and the rubber insole.
No sound when I walk, only when I run and only with pressure on the rear half of the sole.
NB: Also used a different insole in the shoe.