10K Pushing faster than Marathon Pace

  • 10.67 km Distance
  • 52:29 Moving Time
  • 4:55 /km Pace

Legs are still a little heavy.
After 6K I could feel a little fatique in my legs, but it wasn’t hard to keep the pace.
There was a lot of runners today!
People that normally doesn’t run here. But the perfect weather pulls people out 🙂
Thats nice and keeps me fast 😀

Looking at my HR and Tempo below, I’m surprised that my HR didn’t vary more with tempo, than it did.
If I had fatique (wich I do!), my HR will peak fast and stay high, untill a sudden drop, when there is no more energy to be found.
But it stays surprisingly stable, even when I change my tempo and actually end the run with the last kilometers at fast tempo.