A double run day.

First run was with My.
We ran, incorporating three small hils and did them twice.
For variation.

She’s had a hard day today, and it was good diverting her mind a little with this run.

She can easily do a 5K, so from now on, it’s going to be about building speed.
The previous niggles she had with her ancles are gone.
She is strong and can do it!

This was my first run in the New Balance Fuelcell Propel v4’s.
They feel warm, too padded and a bit narrow in the forefoot.

After the run, I did another run, to build more kilometers.
It’s in ten days I have to race The Great Belt Bridge halfmarathon.

I did 6K, and it was a bit difficult.
I’m still tired from the 10K race and it’s difficult to add a faster pace to the run.
The New Balance Propels did not feel like they added any help.

But I did the run!