Lunch Run being split between Speed and/or Distance

Well, speed is relative…
The issue is, that in a week I’m running the Great Belt Bridge half marathon and want to have a good result.
But in four week, juli 02, I have a marathon and really want revenge from the very mediocre CPH Marathon.
Problem is, I (still) need a handfull of 30K runs and a couple of weeks with 70K+ distance, followed by 14 days of taper.
But it will eat speed for the half marathon, because of lack of recovery before the half marathon.
And to optimise for the half marathon I need to focus on long hill reps and fast 10K’s.
The Great Belt Bridge is one loooooong uphill run and then one looong downhill run.
So this week I have to balance between adding distance and having some faster sessions and getting enough recovery for saturday.
Actually I think My will be my rescue on thursday!
She does wonders for my active recovery runs.