• 21.42 km Distance
  • 1:38:15 Elapsed Time
  • 4:35 /km Pace

Damn, I look OLD and tired, even before the race…

This went a lot better than expected.
Temperature (15 degr. C) and the weather was perfect, even if it rained a little before the start.
1:38:15, the official finishing time, is 10 minutes slower than what I originaly planned from last years run.
But with my training not working and that I’ve been sick on/off since august 26’th, Garmin predicted a half marathon time of 1:44:12.
So I set myself up for a finish time of 1:42:00 to put a little pressure on myself.
And then I placed myself right next to the 1:40 paceholders 😆
As always the first couple of K’s are a little problematic, because of the crowd of runners.
There is no rythm !
The pace was fine and I kept it up.
Every 4K was a water/energy depot and I took one slurp of water and one of energydrink at every depot.
I had two gels with me and planned to use one after 10K and one after 16K.
I was given a High5 gel. It tasted absolutely awfull !
One gel at 10K, one at 15K and one at 19K would have been perfect.
After 15K I had to run more and more on willpower and fight to keep up.
I can say, that I raced as fast as I could today.
I tried speeding up gradually for the last 2.1K, but there was not much more left in me, in terms of adding speed.
I still think that 25000 participants are 10000 to much !

I did the whole run on a high HR.
So naturally I struggled from around 15K to 19K, but managed to find energy for pushing more for the last 2K and really giving it a hard push for the last 400 m.