• 25.81km Distance
  • 2:34:53 Moving Time
  • 6:00/km Pace

Temperature 18.3 degr. C.

Elevation 48m

Calories 1,841

Perceived Exertion: Max Effort

Shoes: New Balance RC FuelCell Elite V

This was supposed to be the most important running-event for me in 2022.
Because I run against the entire IT-University of Copenhagen, and want to keep the trophy.

This crashed completely.
40 minutes (!) slower than last year.
After 15 K I just hit a massive wall of cramps.
Right lower leg first, then “all the rest”.
Walked a lot to help the cramping to go away.
I tried analyzing why the cramps painfully twisted my right foot 90 degr. to the side.
Trying to fight it…
I was sick with fever for three days, three days ago.
And I think I needed energy… Food !
Had some gels, but was close to vomit all three times I took one.
Did not really feel hunger or thirst.
Had water with electrolytes from 9K and the rest of the run.
This was just a terrible run.
Finished the run anyway.
Looking at the HR graph for the run, it shows clearly that I was in trouble.
I need a periode of 10K to 21K runs and no Ultras and restart my training.

Heart Rate during the run.