From Negative to Positive…

  • 16.06 km Distance
  • 1:31:03 Moving Time
  • 5:40 /km Pace

I’ve had this depressive mood for long now. Too long!

I havent been able to feel happy about going for a run, and I havent had the energy.
Constantly tired, constantly anxious.

Mostly just tired and without energy.

I do the runs i do, because I know that if I do not run, it will only be even worse at a later point.
But I am not running as much and as effective as I have to.
There is that…

After the 4K this morning, I knew I had to add some extra K’s to stop my marathon form from declining even more.
No way am I getting the originally planed 90K week, but I could try and save as much as possible.

The weather had changed from mornings rain to sunny, very little wind and 10 degr. C.
Shorts weather!

So I jumped in to the short tights and laced up my Hoka’s and started the run.
I planned to do mostly MAF, but ending with a 2K tempo run.

After 3K I got to the back of a group of runners from Birkerødderne.
And I had to overtake them, of course 😀
So I added a bit more speed. Nothing much but just enough.

And it felt pretty much ok.

Then there is the matter of being a “Legend on Strava”.
It’s silly I know 😀

I recently lost the title of Local Legend on Bag om Maglebjerg, so when I got to that part, I ran it three times 😀
Just so that I later can reclaime the title by a large margen.
So far it’s eight attempts in 90 days that gave the title to the new “Local Legend”.
I’m halfway there allready in this month!

It actually gave me a positive kick from the moment I knew I was going to work to regain the title.
And the feeling stayed with me, so I actually extended the race and extended the last part of fast tempo pace.
Feeling pretty good right know 🙂

Thats how all running should feel like.

Looking at the map, it looks like a deform ghost walking a deform ghost dog 😀