Some Incoherent 400m Intervals

  • 6.82 km Distance
  • 35:24 Moving Time
  • 5:11 /km Pace

I hate intervals!
But I feel I have to begin incoorporating them again.
So I set of on the run, trying to find a somewhat flat 400m distance.
It took some testing to find a road for it.
Then doing my supereffective 400m with 1 min. pause in one end and 2 min. pause in the other end.
Maintaining a high but controlled speed for each rep.
It was hard!

But not all that efficient, because I couldn’t really find where to begin.
A track is better for this or the 800m staight and flat gravel path I have at home.

I ran between fields with horses.
They looked at me running back and forth, with “why?” in their long faces and the ears pointed at me 🙂
Too bad I cant run tomorrow (sunday), but I should have a chanse to do some K’s monday and tuesday.