Slow run with some distance and a bridge collaps!

  • 12.84 km Distance
  • 1:25:41 Moving Time
  • 6:40 /km Pace

The run was interrupted so many times, that time and pace is a lot wrong!

At around 1.5 K I ran across a wooden bridge and one of the planks collaps under me.
Somehow I didn’t crash, but was able to hold my balance and not break a leg.
Immideately I wrote a letter to my municipal, adding a photo, so it could be fixed ASAP.
Literaly five seconds after I sent the mail, a man came by, and it was actually the man in charge of the wodden bridges.
he was just out for a bikeride with his son.
He will get it fixed 🙂
Back to my interrupted run:
Should not be a run with problems of any sort…
But felt quite a lot harder than my watch indicates it with a 24 hour recovery.

Not problems with my sciatica!!!