Soul Trail Cup 2023 – CUP3 – Birthday Run

Distance 11.96 km

Time: 1:08:27

Average tempo: 5:43 /km

Uphill: 206 m

Calories: 1,028

It’s my birthday, and perfect to start it with a great trail run.
People congratulated my and right before the start of the run, all runners cheered and gave three short and one long hurray’s ??
Really nice and heartwarming.
I love these runs !
The weather was beautifull, sunny and no wind, about -1 degr. C temperature.
The route was partly a MTB-track.
Not many hills, but a lot of zig-zaggery and manny roots.
Icy and slippery roots in some places.
Startet much to fast and had my HR around 98%, so pulled to the side after 1 K and tried to find my pace.
As seen in the graph below, the messurement seems to be of by ten beats.
There is no way I have a MaxHR at, or above 184 bpm.

I have noticed that the Garmin gets unstable readings in temperatures below 0 degr. C, so I’m going to need my chest strap for that.
I wanted to push a bit on round 1 and 4, and the graph shows a steady increase in HR, at quite a high level for most of the run.
All in all it went according to plan, as I have a long run tomorrow.
Thanks to everybody for a great run.