Stacked Runs

  • 16.44 kmDistance
  • 1:36:11Moving Time
  • 5:51 /kmPace

This is not one single 16K run.
It’s three different runs, one after the other.
It was planned to be four 5K’s, but some morning trouble did make me miss the first run.
The idea is, to run each run at a slow pace, that when all the runs are done, I could do the same tomorrow.
It makes it possible to do a lot of K’s, without breaking the body or risking an injury.
It’s a fantastic training method.
But it takes a lot of time.
It actually pulls out a complete day of the calendar.
Ideally the plan is to start a run every two hours, from 8 o’clock, until 6 runs have been done.
Thats the last run starting at 18.00.
Keep the HR below 75%.
Aim at an average HR close to 72%.
The heat was a problem today, no matter what speed I was running at.
So I ended up with a recovery time of 18 hours.
Thats a bit much…

Third run starts with a too high HR for some reason.
Not quite sure way, but I managed to get it to settle.

Ideally the real great benefit comes, when you can do two consecutive day like this, then a rest day and then two more consecutive days of stacked runs.