WHAT a Sparta 20K Run!!!

No, it wasn’t really fast, but it turned out to be quite hard.
The start was at Østerbro Stadion, a place I used a lot, many, many years ago.
I had the choise to run with different groups, and had planned to go with a modest 5.30 min/km..
But it was quite cold and a bit windy, so chose to run with the 5.15 group instead.
Turned out to be the perfect group for me.
I have to mention, that these Sparta runs are not just the training. Its just as much showing my face again, meeting runners I haven’t seen in years, since my achilles tendon ruined all running for many years.
Already today I did some smalltalk and nodding to some of them as they gave me that investigative look “I know him from somewhere…” ?
I dont know how many runners we had in my group. Maybe 50.
But running with a group of that size in Copenhagen, having to to run two by two or even single file, was difficult.
Lots of obstacles, like bikes, gates, signs, people everywhere.
And cityrunners are clearly not trailrunners as even the slightest change in running surface, prompted someone to shout a group warning.
For 15K I felt fine and on top.
But then I began to run out of energy and felt a little hungry, and then I had to struggle to keep the pace.
On top of yesterdays trailrun, I’m glad I did not choose a faster group.
Originally the run is 19K, but I added the 1 K extra.
Recovery is 72 hours!
And I feel really fatiqued.