Afternoon Run, with a little Desperation

  • 10.65 km Distance
  • 54:09 Moving Time
  • 5:05 /km Pace

I literaly just got up from a really hard 4 day influenza, this morning…
It means I lost another go at the very needed 30K+ runs and again missed a 90K week.
So I’m beginning to feel a little desperate.
My very precise training AI now informs me, that I need at least 85K weeks with one 30K run, to hit a resonable marathon running form.
So against all advice (and knowledge) I set of and did a 10K tempo run!
Yes, I was clearly not recovered from the influenza.
With a pace of 5.05 min/km, there is no way I can do the marathon in 5.03 min/km.
Most realistic is a marathon finish in 4.03.00.