Still Recovering after a hard Influenza

  • 12.76 km Distance
  • 1:14:42 Moving Time
  • 5:51 /km Pace

Wonderfull weather.

Yesterday was actually the first day where I felt sort of “better”.
And then did a 10K tempo training…, stupid and a little desperate as I am.
This week was supposed to be a 90K week, and is the second 90K week that isn’t done due to outside circumstances.
And the second 30K+ distancetraining that gets ruined.
So even if I’m still feeling pretty weak, I try and put in some K’s.
My legs where a little tired after yesterdays tempo run, but it was fine and I only needed to do slow running.
The weather is perfect.
No real wind and 16 degr. C.
Love it!